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Wahl Chrome Pro Review


Introducing Wahl Chrome Pro (79524-500 )24-Piece Complete Haircut Kit

Are you craving for a whole body cut, especially for athletic events, then look no further the Wahl Chrome Pro Haircut Kit is exactly what you are looking for. The total body grooming haircut kit is an excellent product for professional swimmers, cyclist, or any athlete. It contains a complete haircut kit that makes haircutting at home a total breeze. This product is a comprehensive kit that is both powerful and quiet. It includes a power drive cutting system which can cut through the thickest and wildest hair that you can ever imagine. The self-sharpening, high-quality steel blade can last longer and stay sharper for hours. It is precise, accurate, and durable. The kit also contains a taper control to let you adjust the blade and customize each and every cut to your desire.

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The whole kit contains a blade guard, clipper, scissors, cones, hair clips, cleaning brush, storage case, blade oil, trimmed guide, and instruction manual.


  • Contains a very comprehensive kit with everything you need so you don’t have to buy separate tools from the store.
  • Perfect for a full body groom especially for people with thick hair.
  • The plate is made of high-quality, material so it’s sharp and durable.
  • The product is very lightweight and easy to maneuver.


  • The product is very delicate and can break easily.
  • The clipper cannot provide a fast cut or else it will start yanking your hair out. You will need to cut slowly and maneuver carefully.


It can be very annoying and time-consuming to constantly go to the barbershop. It’s even worse if you have really long and thick hair that grows like crazy. The kit is an amazing feature with all the accessories that you would need to create the haircut of your dreams. The clippers feel good and are made of the very high-quality material. It could be a little bit heavy, but it’s doable. The vibration is very smooth and comforting. The kit also comes with a quick haircut guide that is useful and easy to read. It provides a lot of recommendations for various types of haircuts. My friend is a beginner, and he manages to use the kit very well on my hair. So that it gives you an idea of how easy it is to use. The problem I have with this clip is that you can’t go too fast. I’ve been spoiled with different types of clippers in the past that cut hair at the speed of light. You can run the blade all over your head with no problem. However with this clipper, if you go too fast, it will stop cutting your hair. Instead, it will start yanking your hair out, and that can be pretty painful. The downside I would say about this would be that it requires time to cut your hair. If you are in a hurry, then this might not be a good idea. Overall I am very satisfied with this product and will definitely recommend it to anyone that wants a full body cut. I bought one for my friends, and he loved it, it was the best birthday gift he has ever gotten from me.

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