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How to choose best electric shaver

Shaving is part of a man’s everyday life. This is why it is recommended to opt for high-quality products that protect the skin. Electric shavers are a great enhancement in this industry, and they come with a series of benefits. The purpose of this post is to teach you how to choose the best electric shaver by pointing out the usability of a reliable device.

The Role of the Electric Shaver

best electric shaver

Only the best electric shaver can get you close shave

Electric shavers can be considered an enhanced version of the traditional razors. The scissor-like cutting action is put in motion by an oscillating motor. The blades are secured in a metal screen with holes and slits that capture and cut the hair. These devices can work either on battery-power or directly connected to an outlet.

The controlled moves of the blades (that can be circular or straight) make them less harmful for the skin, especially as they do not slide over it. This means that you can achieve a fast and clean shave without worrying about cuts or irritations.

Types of electric shavers

You can find on the market these major types of electric shavers:

  • with rotating blades, known as rotary shavers;
  • with oscillating blades, known as foil shavers.

A. Rotary shavers have a triangular shape and rotating cutting heads. They adapt perfectly to the contours of the face, and this makes them very simple to use. They tend to be quiet and extremely easy to clean.

B. Foil shavers have a linear shape, and the blades move from left to right. This is why they require an up and down movement. They are an ideal choice for men with short and fine hairs.

Features of the best electric shaver

It is a fact that there are various brands of electric shavers on the market. In order to purchase a reliable one, it is a good idea to consider the following features:

  • beard combs can come in handy if you want to achieve a specific length;
    waterproof shavers are a great choice for men who love to shave while they are taking a shower;
  • men who know that they have sensitive skin need to look for a device with cool strip as it chills the skin during shaving;
  • a quick charge feature is perfect for active men, as all you need to do is to plug the shaver for a few minutes, and it is ready to use.

The truth about electric shavers

You need to be very careful when you shop for an electric shaver. Though there are no side effects of using such a device, you can get razor burns if you do not opt for a high-quality product. The face needs to adapt to this new type of shaving, and this is a process that can take up to several weeks.

Though almost all electric shavers are water resistant, not all can be used while you take a shower. It is a wise idea to check this aspect, as well as the cleaning process. If you are always in a hurry, then the wet/dry device is the best pick for you.


It is important to understand that electric shavers are long-term investments. This means that you can use them for several years in optimum conditions, as long as you follow the manual. The blades and cutters, on the other hand, need to be replaced once every 12 months. The time can vary, according to the thickness of your beard.

The blades differ from a manufacturer to another, but it is a fact that they get blunt eventually. The price range can also be quite impressive. When you compare two products, make sure to check the interchangeable replaceable heads so you won’t end up paying for the brand and not the quality.

As this is an important investment, it is mandatory to consider the following aspects when you shop for an electric shaver:

  • the brand name – reputable producers care for the quality they provide;
  • the return policy;
  • a decent warranty;
  • the compatibility with your skin type and beard density;
  • the waterproof function;
  • the pivoting head feature, for comfortable shaving;
  • easy maintenance.

Electric shavers and common shaving problems

Electric shavers may seem a bit intimidating in the beginning. The sound they make, and the moving blades can make you feel uncertain. The truth is that they are completely safe to use, once you get accustomed to them. The main quality is the rapidity of shaving, as they do not require shaving cream, and not even aftershave (it is up to each man to decide whether to use it or not).

As it was mentioned above, you may get your skin irritated, but this is only temporary. It is a normal reaction that does not damage your skin, nor it causes acne. The blades do not touch the skin, thus they are the right choice for all men.

Another common men problem is the darken skin. It is a normal reaction of the body, generally caused by improper shaving with traditional razors. Electric shavers are more gentle, thus they can prevent this problem. They do not make the hair thicker, nor grow faster as these are simple myths.

Though electric shavers have many benefits, a perfect close-shave is out of the question. Best products guarantee a similar effect, but you can only achieve it with a traditional razor.

Life time

The best electric shavers from reputable manufacturers are designed to last. The life time is estimated between 7 to 10 years, with a warranty for 2 or 3 years. As a result, they are not quite cheap. The price can range between $30 to $200, according to the brand and features. There is also a return policy included of minimum 30 days.

As it can be seen, electric shavers are a great choice for active men. All that you need to do is to pick the right product for your skin type and enjoy many years of hassle-free shaving.

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