Is shaving your head good for your hair?

There is a general belief that shaving the hair makes it grow faster. This is an old wives’ tale that has no basis in fact. However, though your hair might not necessarily grow faster simply because you shaved it, there might be some advantages to shaving your hair. Here are the truths and myths about shaving your hair.

Your hair will not grow faster or stronger

The size of the hair follicles from which hair grows remains the same. Hair growth is not affected by you shaving your hair. The hair which grows out only seems to be stronger or thicker because, hair growth tapers towards the tip resulting in a thicker base and a thinner apex, something like a cone or triangle. Cutting your hair usually takes off the thin tip, leaving the thicker base which may also seem darker than the tip. And so when the hair grows out, this thicker portion takes the top before the hair eventually evens out its normal shape.

It may grow healthier though!

Before shaving, your hair might have been exposed to various treatment therapies, conditioners, even sun bleaching and shampoos. All of these may have contributed to your poor hair quality which might have led to shave it all off in the first place. Good news is, when the new hair grows out, it has not been exposed to these chemicals, and so it is healthier than the hair that has been cut out.

It all depends on you!

Whether you shave your head or keep a luxuriant mass of curls, it all depends on your grooming habits. Good hair grooming habits would always result in better hair quality. Using good quality products and maintaining proper hygiene, and feeding habits would do a lot more for the health of your hair than shaving it a thousand times will.