How to trim your own hair

This article is written for two sets of people;

  • Those who know and are ready to relearn for improvement
  • People without knowledge on how to trim their own beards.

To these two sets of learners, I say, welcome to this hair trimming institute, this article will focus on facial hair trimming (Beards).

Where are your tools?

  • Shampoo
  • Hair dryer
  • Mirror or looking glass
  • Comb (Big)
  • Beard trimmer or scissors.

Let engage our tools

We shall start using our tools in order with which I’ve listed them above.

Shampoo is a friend you can’t do without as far as hair is concerned, wash your beard with shampoo and rinse with enough water and absorb excess water with dry towel,

Next is your hair dryer since more than 70% of guys will not wait for their hair to get air-dried naturally.

As a first timer, look into your mirror, smile at yourself and imagine the change you will effect on your face after this action.

Here come Mr. Comb, this is where guys often get it wrong, first is to comb your hair in the direction of it pattern and second thing is to do it again, but against the direction to straighten, untangle it and make it stand well.

One step at a time rule is what we will applied here, if you are not an expert in this, don’t rush it!!! Endeavor to work with your comb and trimmer, raise your comb from the hair base to the level at which you feel the excess hair need to be cut-off, only cut the excess hair above your comb, doing this will ensure that you do not cut deeper than you want to. Use cut-check and cut-check principle till you have perfect look you desire.