How To Trim A Short Beard

A lot of men do not know that trimming a short beard has two stages. The first stage is the trimming aspect and the second stage is the finishing phase. This means that it is not enough to trim the beard simply but it should be trimmed further to make it look clean and very attractive to look at especially with the opposite sex. While trimming has two phases, the whole procedures are basically easy to perform.

Trimming Phase

The process is really simple since you have shorter beard and to begin with, comb your beard according to its growth direction area. If you notice hairs that won’t lie down, you can start nipping it immediately using barber’s scissors.

If you are using a trimmer, adjust the setting on the maximum length of beard it can trim and adjust it at shorter length when you make second pass on the beard. With the help of the trimmer’s edge, mark the area where you want the side beard to be extended and repeat the same step on the other side and under your chin.

Adjust the trimmer at lower setting when you reach the area that you want to perform close shaving and finish the trimming process by combing it to see if you miss some areas.

The Finishing Stage

Once you are done with the trimming stage, next step is to shave other areas of your face to outline your beard. First step is to warm the face with a wet towel and place into your face for several seconds or at most at two minutes. Apply shaving cream to that area and gently slide and glide the razor over the skin to clean shave it. Once done, apply aftershave solution and comb to see if you need to make another pass.

Trimming a beard whether it is short one or full one takes time to get used to it. But once you see the results of trimming, it is indeed worth the time.