How To Trim A Beard

Growing a beard is no longer about letting it grow and do not shave at all; but the times are changing and so does the idea of growing a beard has evolved. Today, growing it requires proper care and maintenance and one of the most important activities when it comes to maintenance is grooming in which trimming is part of this process. The individual sporting a beard has realized today that the beard should be presentable and should enhance looks and features of the person wearing a beard. With this in mind, it is indeed vital that men who prefer to wear beard should have the right information when it comes to trimming a beard regardless of trimming methods and tools that will be used.

Different Areas To Maintain

When you sport a beard, it follows that you are only shaving the areas which is not part of your beard. However, when you deal about maintenance it is not only the facial aspect that you need to consider but other areas as well relevant to growing a beard such as the neck and the cheek area. With this in mind, one can surmise that trimming a beard needs different kinds of tools to accommodate different areas of the body on which you grow a beard.

Trimming Tools

A beard trimmer might be the obvious thing that comes into your mind when it comes to trimming. However, scissors and razors are also part of your beard trimming tools as you will never know when you will need these things. In addition, beard trimmer are good for beginners and if you want better trimming results you need other cutting tools as well.

On top of the cutting tools, you also need to provide the following:

  • Large mirror so that you can see your hand and the trimming tools moving around your face, neck, and cheek.
  • A comb in order for you to untangle and free your facial beard from unwanted knots and tangle which is quite painful if you accidently trip on these.
  • Shaving cream with conditioner and moisturizer in order to protect your skin and soften your beard thus, you can easily cut and trim the beard with lesser issues.

Basic Ideas on Trimming A Beard

It can be tedious when you do not know some of the basic principles about trimming your beard. These are:

  • Prior to trimming the beard, you might want to try wrapping your face with a warm towel like what you experience when you opted to trim it with your favourite barber. This way your hair follicles will be relaxed thus hairs are softened for easy cutting of coarse beard and at the same time prevent ingrown hairs from happening.
  • Cutting or trimming a wet beard is not advisable as you might cut it too much as there is a tendency for the hair to shrink when it is totally wet.
  • Trimming your beard can be both performed either by growing along the growth direction area or you go against it. The right way to trim is to trim it first along the growth direction to remove or cut your beard and you go against the grain if you want closer trim.
  • Trimming your beard can either be done once a week or once a month provided that it is indeed long and worthy to be cut and trim down.
  • Determine first the preferred look and style of the beard so that you will have an idea how long it will be for example.

The Trimming Process

Regardless if you are using a beard trimmer, a scissor, razor, or electric shaver, the trimming aspect includes the following:

  • Preparation begins with washing the beard thoroughly to soften the skin and hairs and after that, you pat dry the beard as wet beard will affect the length once you start cutting it. Prior to any cutting and trimming, you need to comb it in downward motion using fine tooth comb to untangle knots and tangles.
  • You can start trimming it by using a pair of scissors and you need to run through the comb into the beard and hold it then cut the hairs that go through the comb.
  • You can use a beard trimmer to shape down the outline of your beard and use a razor or an electric shaver to further trim down the beard and of course to close shave areas not part of the beard.
  • Neck hair should be treated separately with the way you treat your face. Thus, it is not recommended to create fake lines which could lead to unnatural and uneven looks. Thus, when you want to define the trim outline, just define the edges by trimming it first and remove any hair that is outside of the outline.
  • Before you decide that job is done, look in the mirror first and see if you are satisfied with the shape, length, looks, and style; if not repeat the trimming process again except for the washing aspect.

The Post Trimming Activities

You can never say that trimming is finally over if you will not perform the following activities.

  • You need to clean up your mess especially if you are using the sink to trim your beard.
  • You need to take a shower in order to remove hairs that cling on to your body and avoid skin rashes especially if your skin is sensitive to hairs.
  • While waiting for the next trimming session for your beard, it is wise to avoid using soap to clean it as it will only help develop flaky hair.

As you can see, beard trimming is very easy to do regardless if you have short, medium, or long length beard. The important thing to do is you know your choices in terms of looks, length, and style. As part of your maintenance scheme for your beard, it is wise to you also learn other grooming ideas not just limit on ways to effectively trim your beard.