How to trim a beard line

If your beard line is not properly trimmed, it makes your beard look untidy. If you want your beard looking neater and presentable, you need to have the neckline and trim properly defined. Before you begin trimming, make sure you know what sort of beard you have. There are different textures and growth patterns with beards and if yours does not extend all the way to your neck, then you do not need to bother about a trim.

However, if your hair starts to stretch beyond 3mm, you need to pay attention to the neckline and give it a good trim to make it look neat. Here are a few tips to help you go about that.

Visualize the neckline

Tilt your head backwards and place a finger just above your Adam’s apple. Every strand growing past that point unto your neck has got to go. From that position, draw an imaginary line to your ears. Now you have a curve that traces at some point the curvature of your face. Next, you draw another imaginary line from your sideburns to intersect with the neckline curve. And you have your neckline.

The definition

Most people leave the neckline as a sharp intersect with boxy edges. This makes more of a statement and is definitely a lot more macho. But if you’re not the flashy type, you could round off the intersect so the beard line seems to curve towards your chin after the sideburns.

The trim proper

After defining how you want your beard line to be, trim along the neckline with your beard trimmer. Use the settings for a close trim. Then using your clippers, or an advanced setting on your beard trimmer, run the shaver along the path where your sideburns intersects with your neckline towards your beard.