How to shave without shaving cream

You got home tonight and it has escaped your mind that you need to replace your shaving cream and you’ve exhausted your last cream, or you are not financially buoyant to make another purchase? Relax; i’ve got you covered on how to shave without it using other alternatives. Life is good when there are options.

Alternatives to shaving cream.

Warm water: shaving after you’ve bathed yourself with warm water that lasted for 10 minutes will do a magic, the primary function of your shaving cream is opening up your skin pores and softening your skin to ensure bumps free shaving.

Truth is that it is difficult to explore this method if you are doing it for the first time, but i can assure you that it really worth all your inputs, you don’t gain a thing without pain.

Liqiud dish washer: it sounds weird to you right? It is one of the best foam producers my brain can recall when mixed with water in 1:50 ratio. Good thing about dish washer is that you don’t have to worry about skin irritation.

Shampoo: can women do without shampoo? No. Shaving with shampoo sounds like poo to you, but it has almost that same effect on your skin just like your cream.

Toilet soap: if one valve is not closed another one will not open in engines. I bet you don’t know that you have magic shaving bar lying there at the corner of your bathroom.

Shea butter: eyes of cosmetic expert are now opened to this substance commonly found in western part of africa. It will blunt your razor faster than above alternatives, but will surely cover you if you are in financial mess.

Cost benefit of shaving without cream.

Above alternatives will save you a lot of money on the long run in the following order; water, toilet soap, dish washer, shea butter and shampoo.