How To Shave With A Safety Razor

Safety razor also known as double edge razor is one of the earliest shaving tools modern man has developed. Despite rapid changes in terms of technological advances on shaving gadgets, there are still men who prefer to use this type of razor. As a matter of fact, the number of guys using safety razor keeps on increasing every day probably due to its inherent advantages like it is cheaper to use and better shaving results, if you are interested to shave your face using this shaving tool, here are the important details about it.

The Steps Involve

There are only four steps to perform when you shave using a safety razor.

  1. Soak first your shaving brush with hot water to soften its bristles. Brushes will lift facial hair and help achieve close shaving. At the same time, wash your face thoroughly so that facial hair will absorb water.
  2. Shake the brush and lather it with shaving cream or soap and allow the bristles to massage as you lather your face in circular motion. You can use your fingers instead of facial brush if you do not have one or prefer it this way.
  3. Shave your face at an angle of 30 degrees to avoid cutting or irritating your facial skin. Hold the safety razor gently while shaving and use downward strokes to shave different areas of the face, chin, and neck.
  4. Sooth your face after shaving with cool water and pat dry gently with clean towel. Use only alcohol free aftershave and then wash the blade and brush and keep it dry in upright position.

Tips To Remember

Here are some of the valuable tips to bear in mind with safety razor shaving:

  • Don’t put pressure as safety razors were designed for gentle shaving.
  • Shave slowly, gently, and carefully by applying light strokes along the direction of the growth area of the beard.
  • Use the free hand to stretch skin for even shaving.
  • Rinse the blade under running water from time to time while shaving to remove stuck facial hair in the blade.