How To Shave Thick Facial Hair

It is not true that the more frequent you shave the chance of having thicker facial hair also increases. There are just some men who are unfortunate enough to own genes that produce coarse facial hair. Indeed it poses certain problems when it comes to shaving as they might not be able to shave facial hairs totally or irritates the skin after shaving. It could be attributed to wrong shaving practices; so how do you shave thick facial hairs properly?

The Value of Thoroughly Warming and Washing Your Face

In order for thick facial hairs to soften and easier to cut, you need to hydrate facial skin with warm water for at least three minutes prior to shaving. According to studies, facial hair absorbs nearly 30 percent volume of moisture thus, it becomes weaker and therefore it is easier to cut. It is very ideal to take a shower or wash your face thoroughly first before shaving and apply a warmly damp towel to your face for a couple of minutes. Apparently, using shaving cream on dry face causes rashes and razor burns.

Use Shaving Cream Properly

Many men out there do not realize the value of good quality shaving cream; one that has high levels of emulsifiers and moisturizers and has high concentration of creamy lather instead of foams. It is ideal to let shaving creams rest into your face for few minutes first after applying it so that it will be able to lock moistures into facial hairs to make them soft and erect at the same time.

Use Only Quality Razor and Properly

A good quality razor or electric shaver means that the blade is sharp and this will help prevent traumatizing you facial skin as it will cut off thick facial hair easily. Change the blade every two days if you sport very coarse facial hair and always rinse the blade with hot water prior to shaving and after several swipes in order to prevent accumulation of shaving cream and facial hair. You shave first by tracing the beard growth direction and use more cream if needed.