How To Shave Neck

A perfect shave is rather elusive for most men out there. This is because the neck area is the most challenging part when it comes to shaving. Many men suffer cuts, ingrown hairs, razor burns, and nicks which range from minor to nasty ones. Thus, it is indeed a welcome relief for these men if they can acquire information on how to shave the neck area properly. Apparently there are three stages involved on shaving the neck properly; preparation, shaving, and aftermath.

Preparation Stage

Generally, the neck is composed of rough skin and mounds and these two characteristics of this part of the body make it difficult for men to achieve perfect shave. In this stage, it is recommended that the neck is hydrated and exfoliated regularly in order soften the skin and hairs around it so that it will be easier to cut neck hairs. Part of the preparation also is to map out the grain area so that you will know which direction to shave

Shaving Stage

Begin the shaving process by warming up the neck with hot shower or dampening it with warmly damp towel for several seconds. Ensure that all neck parts are covered. Then, you lather the surface with emollient rich shaving cream and once done, shave the hairs along its growth area. It is wise not to put too much pressure holding the razor when shaving the neck to avoid skin issues like inflammation, razor burns, and ingrown hairs. It is also advisable to perform stretching and that is pulling out portions of skin in order to flatten out the mound so that you have lesser barriers when you shave.

Aftermath Stage

Finish shaving the neck by washing it thoroughly with warm water before you apply aftershave solutions. This is done in order to remove any lather residue and hairs that still cling on the neck which are very unsightly to look at.