How To Get A Good Shave With A Disposable Razor

It is called disposable because you get rid of this shaving tool after using it twice or thrice only since it easily loses its sharpness after every use. It is also one of the cheapest shaving razors in the market. However, just because it is the least expensive it doesn’t mean that you cannot get a good shave with it. You might be surprise after you try the steps of getting a good shave with a disposable razor.

Pre Shaving Stage

First, you have to ensure that the razor is still sharp otherwise change the razor and use new one. Second, wash your face thoroughly with warm water. The idea here is to relax the skin and allow the beard or stubbles to become soft to make it easier for you to shave them off. It is also wise to soap your face so that dirt and minute particles embedded into your face are also eliminated.

Shaving Stage

After washing, you can let it dry naturally which takes some time or pat dry your face with clean and dry towel. After doing so, take small amount of shaving cream with skin conditioner and apply it to your face until it lathers in order to lubricate the beard and the skin so that the disposable razor will glide around your face gently. Shave by following the direction of the beard growth and pull out skin in “bumpy” areas for even shaving. Dip and shake the razor from time to time to get rid of shaving cream and hairs that stick and cling into the blade of the razor. Map out also your face in order to determine areas which need additional shaving pass for close shave.

Post Shaving Stage

Wash your face with cold water after shaving to offset burning sensation due to shaving and apply alcohol free after shave solution to finish the job.