Does shaving increase hair growth?

For close to a century parents have been consoling their teens with this statement, “Shaving will make your hair grow out faster”. And a lot of our readers have been asking if that is true. Well, we did our research and we have our answer to the question.

Does shaving really, really increase hair growth? And the answer is no. Shaving does not speed up the growth of your beards or any area you shave, and neither does it retard it. Your hair will always continue to grow at the same rate whether you shave it or not.

The key really is perception.

Most people believe when you shave frequently your hair tends to grow out thicker and faster. Hair grows from a follicle which is below the skin and at the root of the hair, it is usually thick and tapers as it grows longer. And so we have something like a kind of really long, wobbly triangle with a thicker base and thinner top. Shaving cuts off that thin top and so when the hair resumes growth, it always seems to be thicker and harder. This is simply the thicker root now taking the top.

The speed of hair growth does not change

Hair growth rate also remains constant even if you shave twice daily. Assume a hair growth rate of about 0.017 inches a day, a bushy beard may seem as though it doesn’t grow as the size would not seem to change. But on a clean shaven man, his five o’clock 0.017 inches stubble the following morning would seem like evidence of a faster growth.


With waxing though, it is possible to affect a change in hair growth. Though it would not grow back faster or thicker, but in fact, will grow even less. This is because, continuous waxing wears away at the hair follicles responsible for hair growth and less hair or even thinner hair is produced each time.

People differ!

All said and done, while shaving has nothing to do with hair growth, except in the shearing off of it of course, know that people are made up different and the rate of growth differs per individual.

We hope this helps!