Clean shave or beards – which is better?

First and foremost, you need few pictures at the back of your mind, president barack obama christian ronaldo, osama bin laden and reverend king, these pictures will help you understand the concept of this topic better. You should try beards first and if it doesn’t fit you or your personality get rid of the shit and join clean team.

Clean shave guys rock the world

cleanliness is next to godliness: i’ve been seeing beard men as dirty people or maybe they are too lazy to keep them clean shaved on daily basis.

Corporate look: it is almost impossible to suppress my laughter whenever i see beard men wearing suit, one of the most difficult cloth selections is choosing suit that fit well for beards guys. What a herculean task.

Sense of responsibity: clean shaved guys are perceived to be more responsible than the beards growers. But wait a minute, there is no way i would select beards men over clean shaved guys if i were hr, even just for a day. No way!!!

Cost: beards are expensive to keep and maintain, some of these men invest fortune to keep them in good shape and bombard their faces with all kinds of chemicals. Trust cosmetics producers, they know how to rip them off their cash, specially designed beards conditioners, shampoos, balms and so on are fast selling in markets. Hell no, i don’t want to marry another cosmetic competitor.

Bad tag: modern society has managed to tag these men over the years as aggressive, thugs, intimidating and associate them with all kinds of crazy jobs. Intimidating look will not give you all attentions that you need from girls. It is either clean shaved or no deal at all.