Best Electric Shaver for Black Men

Best Electric Shaver for Black Men

Men tend to be practical, thus they prefer to simplify things. This is why they may find it a bit difficult to purchase the right shaver, considering the rich offer. Black men may feel this struggle more intense due to their soft and sensitive skin. This article aims to teach you how to identify the best electric shaver for black men.

The main difference between the hair structure of black and white men is the thickness. Black men can pride themselves with thick and curly hair. At the same time, it is darker. While white men do not necessarily need to worry about a perfect close shave, the situation is opposite for black men if they want to achieve a neat look.

Major Shaving Problems

A major problem for black men is the ingrown hair. There are two main reasons that cause it: when the hair is curly, or when it is too rough. This can lead to shaving bumps, that are very unaesthetic. If you cut them, there are high chances to start bleeding.

Razor burns appear when you put too much pressure on the electric shaver. Achieving a smooth skin is possible, as long as you choose the appropriate product and avoid blunt blades. Pressing the shaver too close to your skin can also cause cuts and scratches, considering the natural softness of the skin.

The Convenient Electric Shaver for You

Purchasing the right electric shaver for your sensitive skin and thick beard is not an easy task. The brand plays an important role, but what should really matter are the features of the product. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is a good idea to consider the following characteristics that define the optimum electric shaver for black men:

  • sharp blades – the blades represent the first thing that needs to be checked, as it is mandatory to be able to remove the hair with a single move, so you do not need to go over the same area twice;
  • minimum 3 blades – considering the thickness of the beard, a shaver with less than 3 blades will not be able to capture and cut the hear efficiently;
  • rotary shavers – they can help you achieve a clear-cut and the circular moves are perfect so you do not shave against the grain;
  • always choose wet shaving – wet shaving is less damaging for the skin, and for smoother results, look for devices that allow you to use shaving foam or gel.

If you consider the tips presented above, it will not be hard to find the appropriate electric shaver for you. Always look for brands that guarantee all these features and do not get fooled by false advertisements.